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Client Results

When you step on the scale,
Do you ask yourself, “is it even worth it?”

Are you able to do good for a while and then find yourself binging on all the wrong foods?

Are you sick of counting calories, carbs, macros, portion sizes?

You're not alone.

Hear from several others, just like you who made a change for GOOD. 


The Struggle

What do I hear from my clients? 

I need more variety! I tend to repeat the same meals over and over!

I want more efficient meal planning.

I need to learn the basics and become more creative in the kitchen!

I would love to be able to cook every day and I have an amazing kitchen, I just blank on what to cook and am slightly unprepared most of the time.

I can reach for the wrong foods to comfort. I want to show my daughter how to battle through hard days by eating nourishing foods to help mood and anxiety.

I have low energy & motivation after work. I can get "stuck" on making lists and organizing which eats up my time.

I have all these separate menus and cook something different every night and tend to get burned out on cooking by the end of the week. 


Cook True RESULTS - A Healthy & Delicious Life

"I'm eating much healthier and getting me variety instead of the same old stuff. I've tried so many new foods and really enjoyed them."  HEAR LAUREN'S STORY


My entire family has loved all the meals ... It's just been more fun to try different things ...They like that it is healthy but also tasty and different spin on some of the same things I've always made ... Every week I learn something new and I felt like I started with a pretty good cooking skills!  Brenna

The program has motivated me to get back to planning and cooking once for several meals ... [My husband] has really liked everything I have cooked. He isn't aware of the healthiness of our meals. Which is a good thing, because sometimes he rolls his eyes when I say it is healthy ... ... We have discovered that the home cooking is much flavorful and of course, healthier that the take out we get. It makes me want to cook more and now I have some shortcuts that make it easier to do that.  Sharon



RESULTS - Creating a Legacy

"I’ve been loving all the different flavors and textures and techniques you have been trying! Lots of new confidence and fresh ingredients!!! That’s a huge difference from when we first got married and shopped in the frozen section for everything. I am so proud of you jumping right in and going for it through this course!!"  Hear Shea's Story


[my son] has been cooking and watching the videos with me which has been so fun :) They're enjoying the meals (or veggies I should say) ... I’m cooking more!! Last week we went out only once!  Brooke

[I'm] following recipe from start to finish without cutting corners/leaving out ingredients to get done faster. I'm also proud of the flavors my meals are giving me and my family ... They are proud of my willingness to learn (even through mistakes) ... I feel my confidence growing!  Cathy

 [I'm] learning how to use a knife properly ... My son said that I should open a restaurant after he tasted the roasted pork tenderloin and mushrooms:)  Susan


RESULTS - A Better Routine

"I have been thrilled with how much I have learned. I am a different cook than when I started."  Hear Annie's Story


Even though I was already planning meals each week and we cook all the time already, I have gained some very solid beneficial techniques and you have opened my eyes to other ways to plan our meals each week.  Cortni 

We've stuck to the weekly menu which has cut down on a lot of food waste and less time figuring out what we are going to do for dinner each night.  Erin

My bar is low as a cook! I have added at least 3-4 recipes that I had no idea how to make before to our normal mix. That in itself is a big accomplishment for us.  Mark

I'm using ingredients I have never bought, trying new cooking techniques that have added new flavors to our menus ... I am expanding my tastebuds!   Shea'

I really like that you include some simple ways to make fresh food ahead to create ease into your week. Not everyone does that when teaching about a recipe.  Cook True Student

So far, this has been wonderful ... I love the shopping guide and the planner for the week.  Cook True Student


Want to know how can the Cook True Formula work for you?


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